As One Door Closes, Another Opens

As I stuff in my last hoodie, zip up my suitcase and head for the front door- I can’t help but reflect on the past 13 years that Burnt Hills has given me. 
Thank you for giving me a safe place to call home, thank you for the cotton candy ice cream at Marcella’s I used to love so much after my rec softballs games, thank you for giving me endless nights spent at Mcdonalds after a wild high school party, thank you for Friday night footballs games I’ll always have a special place in my heart full of that Spartan Pride.Thank you for introducing me to the most amazing friends that I know no matter the distance we will never lose touch, thank you for my first kiss at Party in the Park, thank you introducing my first love as well as my first heartbreak. 

When I decided to go to Saint Rose I wasn’t scared because I always knew where I’d be going home to, I always knew I’d walk back up my front steps put my key in the door and smell the new candle my mom had burning in the living room, I knew I’d visit my friends and they would visit me and there would be dinners and drinks, there would be surprise visits from my parents and grandparents and that sense of home remained with me for 4 more years.

 I take one last look around my room and realize I will no longer know the comfort and security Sutherland Drive has brought me for the last 11 years, I’ll be taken out of my comfort zone and I’ve never been more ready for that, I think it’s time, I think it’s been time. 

So as I load up the car and make sure I packed all the going out shoes I could need I can’t help but put the finishing touches on this chapter of my life and I do it with the biggest smile on my face. Thank you BH you’ve given me more than a girl could ever ask for and then some so take care of my mom my dad my sister and those I leave behind, I’ll be back soon. 


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