how happiness can happen to you 

I used to be a non believer. I used to think only special, selective people were born into it as if it’s some genetic mutation. You see a old man and wife walking hand in hand down the street with eyes only for each other, you see a mom taking pictures of her babys’ first taste of carrots at a restaurant, you see that beautiful girl on Instagram with a perfect boyfriend living in their beautifully decorated apartment somewhere in Peru. And it’s so hard to be get caught up in all that, it’s so hard so compare your life to those 5 minutes you judge someone else’s- because all you see when you look at those people is happiness. But what I’ve come to find is happiness is an operationally defined concept. What you don’t know is that: maybe that husband found out his wife has Alzheimer’s with only a year left to live, so they are spending as much time together as possible before she forgets her own name; and maybe that mother had 4 miscarriages before she was lucky enough to welcome a beautiful healthy baby boy into this world; and maybe that picture perfect Instagram couple is all a lie and they cheat on one another every chance they get and it’s a toxic relationship. You see, other people are so keen on showing you glimpses of their lives- the parts they want you to see, the parts they aren’t afraid to show the world. But there’s two sides to every story. 
I think the most raw, pure form of happiness is when you find it within yourself to expose all aspects of who you are; good and bad no matter how ugly that may be. It’s when you water yourself down to that mold that you truly lose out on happiness, because all you’re giving to others is just a bland almost false taste of what you really offer. 
The only way I know how to be happy that will work time and time again without fail, is to accept all parts of you that you’re afraid to show, because that’s what will draw in real true connections with people- a significant other, friends that love you even no matter how dark your insides may be, a future employer who will appreciate how human you are and understand we all have bad days.
Happiness comes from acceptance, accepting that you will fall down but knowing you can always get back up, accepting you may not be a psychologist like you had planned but instead might be a really great journalist, accepting a job offer, accepting your letter for college, accepting that it’s time to let go, accepting it time to start over.
You have the power to keep that smile on your face even when things feel like they will never get better. They can and they will. Believe in that.


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