It’s inevitable, you feel it everyday: that promotion at work that was given to someone else, being told you didn’t get into the college of your dreams, knowing the one you care for so deeply doesn’t feel the same, the friend who used listen to all your troubles is no longer a shoulder to cry on. Rejection. It came in so many different forms and yet it all cuts just as deep. The worst part about it is that sometimes you never even see it coming, you get your hopes up and you put all your eggs in one basket just have it all taken right from your grasp. And everyone will tell you “Ok, well now you learned your lesson you CAN’T get your hopes up and you CAN’T put all your eggs in one basket because thats way too risky!” And even better “Why would you want to set yourself up for failure?” But my question to them is have you ever wanted something so badly? How could you tell yourself in that moment to stop caring? You can’t. You can’t clear you head and slow yourself down not when it’s something involved with matters of the heart. You can try to prepare for future events that might not work in your favor but sometimes the answer is not so crystal clear. Sometimes you’re given mixed signals and mixed responses and your stuck between continuing down that path or putting a halt to it and no one not even you knows what the next step should be. So rejection is inevitable and it won’t ever stop, you will be let down time and time again but remember this; the wounds will heal and something so much greater will come along and that is a promise. Sometimes you don’t realize how not right something is for you until you’re out of it. I reflect on some of things in my life that I wanted whole heartedly and see how toxic that situation was for me. Time heals all wounds and one day something that you wanted so badly will want you back, or work in your favor and it will feel natural and right like it’s meant to be and all those past rejections will wash away, your slate will be clean and you can begin again. 


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