10 Things All 21 Year Olds Feel

  1. You know you’re not a kid anymore but you’re not exactly a grown adult. You feel like you’re in limbo and it’s truthfully a very awkward age to be. You’re constantly questioning your actions for example,is it acceptable to still be posting pics to Instagram funneling a Natty Daddy or should you have a LinkedIn?
  2. Fashion choices also become a major dilemma, like is it age appropriate to still wear the tall chestnut uggs I bought when I was 14? As for guys, should you be purchasing the new coral Vineyard Vine shorts with whales all over them? Noway.
  3. When does Tinder become a lost art form? Do I actually need to interact with people face to face? Rejecting someone/ being rejected over an app is just so much easier though.
  4. When should you stop applying to work Dunkin Donuts for a summer job? Is this the end of free chocolate glazed doughnuts and caramel iced coffee?
  5. When is it time to give your bedroom at home a new makeover? Lime green walls should be a thing of the past, time for white boring granny walls. And forget the polka dotted wall paper and matching comforter set- it’s time to give those the boot too.
  6. Follow up to #5., when should you start apartment hunting? Some of us may enjoy being 28 living in our parents basement, while others are ready to become independent. How are you supposed to give up home cooked meals though?? maybe the basement idea isn’t so bad after all.
  7. Is graduate school your next move? Or do you want to work a decent job and save up money to travel / take a soul vacation? I mean option two sounds much more appealing considering we’ve been in school for a majority of our lives, but nothing feels better than being successful at something you’ve worked so hard for? Time will tell on this one.
  8. Follow up to #7. If you do decide on graduate school do you know the program you want to go for? You hear so many people nowadays say that the job they have no has no correlation to what they studied in college, so at least there’s some hope for people like me, I could still become a world famous stand up comedian.
  9. Is it time to delete the email you made in 5th grade?? For example mine was“DiAm0nDzZonmahwrist143@aol.com”  and I’ve come to the conclusion that might not be the most appealing to future employers, but definitely keep that shit around to show your kids how incredible you were at 10 years old.
  10. When should you delete social media/ delete useless people from it? I, like many others thrive off of social media but even then sometimes certain people pop up on my news feed and it makes you reevaluate your mental state when you accepted their request, those types of people may include but are not limited to : girls you once played rec soccer with are now posting profile pics of them sitting on a bathroom sink wearing just a thong – DELETE. Random male you went to HS with writing an MLA format status to his baby mama begging to see his child even though he didn’t pay child support for 3 years and just got out of prison for armed robbery – DELETE. Mother of a girl you were once friends with in the 7th grade trying to promote MaryKay- DELETE.

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